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we're gypsy and we know it

EST. 2013

Avid home brewers since 2005, Adam Betts & Michelle Vanspall established Edge Brewing Project in 2013, winning Best Brewer in Australia plus Best Pale Lager in the world, Within the next few years, Edge dominated the global awards stage, winning accolades including Brewer of the Year, and Twice Champion Lager in The International Beer Challenge plus multiple gold medals at the International Beer Cup.

Our focus is on brewing remarkable craft beer in new world styles with locally sourced ingredients

A strong focus on
NATIVE ingredients


Edge is a gypsy brewery, meaning the beer is brewed at multiple facilities, renting equipment at existing top breweries rather than having one production site. Utilising small batch breweries in different locations, the beers are super fresh for the local market. This setup combines two things we love; travel & brewing! While also being more environmentally friendly!

Being Gypsy, we are open to conversations and collaborations with people who love the craft as much as we do!



The beers are designed for optimum fresh taste with perfect balance and high drink ability. Edge has no core range, but rather an evolving line up of seasonal and limited releases, including many collaborations with some of the world’s top breweries and restaurants. With a home base in Australia, Edge has brewed beers in New Zealand, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Chile, Andorra, Japan and Peru to name a few.

a beer tshirt map of some of our favourite international breweries we have had the pleasure of getting to know..

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