We're gypsy and we know it

Our focus is on brewing remarkable craft beer in new world styles with locally sourced ingredients

An avid home brewer since 2005, Adam Betts established Edge Brewing Project in 2013, winning Best Brewer in Australia, plus Best Pale Lager in the world,


Edge is a gypsy brewery, meaning the beer is brewed at multiple facilities, renting equipment at existing top breweries rather than having one production site.


A great excuse to travel and brew!

Edge brews innovative, new world style craft beer, placing a strong focus on native ingredients. All brews are unfiltered and unpasteurised with no additives or extracts. The beers are designed for optimum fresh taste with perfect balance and drinkability.

The concept of each beer is initially experimented on using Edge's custom built 50L pilot brewery in West Melbourne, Australia. Once perfected, they are upscaled to commercial batches, utilising selected Microbreweries.

Not tied down with a physical brewery, allows the flexibility to brew beers where and when desired, having an array of equipment to use, access to locally sourced ingredients, and an opportunity to collaborate and grow with fellow brewers. 


It's what's on the inside that counts

Uniquely, Edge has just one permanent beer available; Cool Hops Australian Lager. While the rest of the range is made up of seasonal and limited releases, as well as collaborations with some of the world’s top breweries. Edge has brewed beers in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Chile and Peru.

Edge brewing has a small passionate team of 2 people. While Adam looks after all the brewing and recipe development, Michelle Vanspall takes care of marketing and design. Adam’s other business, Northdown Craft Beer Movement, looks after all the sales and distribution for Edge beer.

Edge is sold to independent bars, restaurants and cellars throughout Australia, as well as exported to 7 countries.