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With a very fine, soft carbonation, akin to a sahti or unblended lambic, and a lightly tart mouthfeel, this brew is stunningly refreshing. We start off with pale malts and wheat, which we sour kettle, then infuse on freshly picked cherries from the yarra valley. This is where the beer picks up its distinctive colour, and slight fruitiness. We pick the cherries in Nov, at the start of the season, when they are green/light red and tart, before they mature to a deep red and are highly sweet. The batch is then transferred into Bendigo Shiraz oak, and barrel aged for 3 months, further gaining subtle complexity. Finally, the beer is filtered through a bed of lemon myrtle leaves, giving a fresh burst in aroma, before undergoing bottle conditioning.



fruit beer

4.8% ABV


red gum and honey sour ALE

A lightly soured ale, designed for pairing with food. Restrained additions of honey and red gum flowers from Brae's backyard, provide light expressions in this highly drinkable, balanced ale. Unfiltered and unpasteurized. All natural & Bottle conditioned. 

sour ale

4.5% ABV